Best Ecwid Affiliate Apps (Updated Jun 2024)

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Best Ecwid Affiliate Apps (Updated Jun 2024)

1. OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is one of the most popular and effective affiliate apps that you can try out there. You can use this tool and manage marketing campaigns under many different channels by knowing How to Create Shopify Referral Links. or Best Squarespace Referral Software. You can empower your customers to be sales representatives of your business and start generating revenue with the help of it.  On the other hand, you can get all the support and automated features needed to make your life easy with promoting your business and affiliate campaigns. Social media referral feature is one of the strongest features that come along with OSI Affiliate Software. By using this feature the Best Squarespace Affiliate Plugins, you can boost the sales that you generate with the help of social media networks. Even if you wish to take your referral marketing campaigns to the next level, you can go ahead and start using the contest management feature that comes along with this tool  that consider as one of the Best Ecwid Referral Software as well as consider as Best Ecwid Affiliate Apps you can use.

2. Amplifinity

Amplifinity is a tool that you can use to automate your referral programs. Along with that, you can experience quality lead generation with the help of it. If there is a need for you to build a strong relationship with people who provide you with referrals, you may think about using Amplifinity as Best Shopify Referral Apps and with Best Ecwid Referral Apps.

You can make their lives easy as they continue to use the tool. On the other hand, Best Subject Lines for Review Request Emails can enhance your outreach strategy, while Amplifinity provides complete control for you to create your own outbound marketing programs and receive amazing results. It can also help you with strengthening your partner and customer relationships with this 10 Best Wix Referral Apps and with the Best Ecwid Referral Plugins.

3. Influitive

You can create a network of advocates by inviting your customers, partners, developers, and employees to complete referrals, challenges, social media postings, product reviews, and more with fruitive. They gain points, badges, and levels as they accomplish these tailored tasks, which may be targeted to individuals or groups, allowing them to access professional benefits and privileges. Integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with the Best Squarespace Referral Apps to take members through the whole customer experience and easily see and report on all activities done and the ROI of those activities.

4. Invitebox


A key feature that you can see in Invitebox is that it allows the marketers to go ahead and invite one of their friends. When it comes to affiliate marketing, personal recommendations and referrals are highly effective. Hence, you should think about how to get the most out of them by knowing the Best Squarespace Affiliate Software. This is where Invitebox can assist you, on How to Create Wix Referral Links. . Along with the power of referring friends, you can build a strong marketing campaign on Invitebox. 

5. Goaffpro

Goaffpro is a comprehensive affiliate marketing platform. If you want to find an affiliate app that provides all the essential features that you would need, you may take a look at Goaffpro. Regardless of the nature of the product that you sell in your store, you may join Goaffpro. Then you can generate links for the products that you offer, so that you can onboard affiliates and promote them. People who work as affiliates for your business would just need to promote the links using this Best Shopify Affiliate Software, and they will be able to secure commissions at every time a lead makes a sale on the store. All commissions are tracked and managed on Goaffpro. With that software, learn How to Create Ecwid Affiliate Links.

6. 360º Referral Program Suite

360º Referral Program Suite is another great example for an affiliate app, which will help you to be successful with affiliate marketing. You will be able to use this tool and run an affiliate marketing campaign without a challenge  by knowing How to Create Shopify Affiliate Links. Then you will be empowering the affiliates to bring in more sales in the form of referrals. If you can bring in more referrals, you will be able to generate more profits. You can easily empower the affiliates to bring in more referrals and profits through features available and on How to Create Ecwid Referral Links with 360º Referral Program Suite as Best Shopify Referral Plugins

7. Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencers can contribute a lot towards the success of your business. Hence, it is worth it to work with influencers and see what they can offer. However, you will still come across the need to manage all influencers who work hard to ensure your success. This is where Influencer Marketing Hub can help you. It is possible for you to onboard influencers and manage them quite effectively with the help of this tool. It offers a hassle-free interface to get work done as well with Best Ecwid Affiliate Software.. 

8. Awin

Awin has a worldwide network of people, technology, and business intelligence insights, as well as twenty years of expertise. Awin delivers solutions to support sustainable development, regardless of the kind of partner, degree of service, and tools your company requires. Awin’s global affiliate network is powered by 15 offices globally, over 1,200 workers, 241,000 contributing publishers, and 21,200 advertisers,  and you can also learn more about the Best Squarespace Affiliate Apps and Best Squarespace Affiliate Plugins. You will be able to use the power of these affiliates to ensure betterment of your store. All you have to do is to start using Awin and experience the great features that this affiliate app can offer on How to Create Ecwid Affiliate Links.

9. Associative

Associative is a Shopify app, which will help you to get affiliate marketing done in the right way. That’s because it offers all the basic tools that you need to run an affiliate marketing campaign. With this Best Shopify Affiliate Plugins and Best Shopify Affiliate Apps, It will be possible for you to take the success of your affiliate marketing campaign to a whole new level with the help offered out of this tool. You can also start using this tool as Best Ecwid Affiliate Plugins without encountering any issues due to its simple interface. 

10. AddShoppers

Cooperation is at the heart of the next wave of customization engines. Join the world’s biggest shopper identification co-op to reach more inboxes right now. Utilize our exclusive network of 150 million+ online shoppers to identify, engage, & optimize visitors to your website. Unlock the potential of 3rd email retargeting now to add a new Top 5 income channel. AddShoppers develops and buys digital content that saves time and money for customers. Find the Best Wix Affiliate Apps to rack sales.

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