How To Find Influencers On Instagram

By tariehk
How To Find Influencers On Instagram

Influencer marketing is one of the routes you can use to market your products and services without breaking the bank. If your target market is millennials, Instagram is a reliable way to reach them and create awareness for your brand. Although there are numerous influencers on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, none of these platforms is close to being as powerful as Instagram.

There are over 800 million users on Instagram, and it could get tricky when seeking for an Instagram influencer in your industry. It would help if you worked with an influencer, but you also need one that can reach your target market and expose your products and services.

In this article, you’re going to learn the various techniques you can implore to find the ideal Instagram influencer.

1. Know Your Target Market

The first step is identifying your target market, people who are likely to patronize your business. Without detailed knowledge of your market, you might find yourself partnering with the wrong influencer. No doubt, the result will not be impressive. Before you delve into influencer marketing, first understand your target market. Ask yourself; what are their likes and dislikes and income level. What are their age range and geographical location?

When you know your target market, reaching them, becomes much more accessible. There are many influencers with those targets, and you can quickly reach them and strike a deal.

One of the mistakes marketers often mark is partnering with an influencer with a vast audience. You might up getting some clicks; they would be hard to convert to customers if they are not your ideal customers. That is why understanding who your target market is paramount, before choosing an influencer.

2. Good Representation

Another thing to consider, which will help you find the right influencer, is your business. You need to determine the kind of influencer that represents your brand or end up wasting money with no result. Do you need a cool and trendy college-aged girl? Or perhaps you need a tech-savvy business person who connects with your target market?

It would help if you had the right personality that can represent your business and what it stands for, as that would help communicate your brand to potential customers. One of the things that help determine the kind of influencer you work with is your ideal market.

Your typical influencer is often one that your target market follows. Since your target respect and trust the influencer, there won’t be hesitation when it comes to patronizing your business too.

3. Know Your Type of Influencer Campaign That You Want

The next step is determining the type of influencer campaign you want to run. After discovering the influencer that has a massive chunk of your target audience, including proper representation of your business, then offer the deal. 

There are different types of influencer campaigns: gift, giveaway, sponsored posts, affiliates, influencer takeover, guest posting, and numerous others. One of the most effective is often guest posting and sponsored content. It is not that others don’t work, but these campaigns often yield the most result. 

A guest post allows you to write on an influencer blog, thereby exposing your business to their audience. With a sponsored post, you pay the influencer some money to share your content.

You can also decide to make an influencer your ambassador. That becomes a long term relationship where the influencer is regularly promoting your products and services in exchange for discounts and perks from your business.

4. Browse an Influencer Network

When looking for influencers to work with on Instagram, it might not be apparent since it doesn’t tell who’s looking for partnership and who’s not. An excellent way to solve that issue is to go off the app and use influencer networks. Some of these influencer networks aren’t free, although there are free versions that help you to manage an entire campaign through the software.

Influencer networks will help you find the ideal person to work with, who will be able to promote your business without hurdles. Most of the time, the results are always worth the price. It is a reliable way to reach out to potential influencers who will be interested in working with you. When you find the right influence for your business, the next step is to contact them.

5. Start Professionally

In influencer marketing, there are a lot of tons of phony influencers. Also, there are lots of fake influencer opportunities that experienced influencers often neglect. When contacting an influencer, ensure that you give as many details about your brand, then outline your offer and idea. If you’re on a tight budget, do not hesitate to make that known. If you’re contacting them directly through Instagram, don’t be surprised if a few don’t get back to you. Your response rate is high if you’re able to connect through an influencer network. That way, they know you’re in for business and nothing more.

6. Consult Google

You can use Google to find potential influencers that can help promote your business. To some people, this technique is fundamental and doesn’t require any special software or tool. The only thing you need to do is head over Google and punch in some keywords related to your industry. For instance, a business that deals on Skateboard could find potential influencers by searching for “Top skaters” or “Top skateboarding accounts to follow.”

When you search for such, as related to your business, you will find tons of articles talking about the best skateboarding accounts to follow. This technique is incredible and exposes accounts where your target markets are hanging out.

7. Conclusion

Influencer marketing is a great marketing strategy that you can use to boost your business growth and awareness without spending a lot. Irrespective of your niche or industry, an influencer out there would help you expose your products and services to your target audience. The first step to this form of marketing is to find the ideal influencer to work with, which is what this article helped you achieve.

By tariehk

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