10 Best Shopify Affiliate Apps For 2024

By tariehk
10 Best Shopify Affiliate Apps For 2024

After creating a Shopify store, you might get confused about which app to install in your store. That is because there are hundreds of apps available for use. If you’re in that dilemma of indecision, you do not need to worry again. In the area of affiliate marketing, there are many apps on Shopify that would maximize your opportunities and increase orders and revenue.

One of the reliable ways to increase orders is to double your customer base and revenue through affiliate marketing. Tons of apps would help you make that possible, which is what you’re going to learn in this article.

1. OSI Affiliate

The number one affiliate marketing app you should integrate into your Shopify store is OSI affiliate. This incredible marketing software allows you to create a referral program that allows your customers to refer their friends and family. Installation is fast and easy, with the help of the setup wizard. It comes with all the features needed to monitor performance, disburse commission, and evaluate affiliates. The platform understands that newbies might run into some hurdles, so they have responsive customer support ever ready to guide you through running your program smoothly. In the fitness industry,  this referral software for gym owners find this app useful to get more members.

2. Secomapp

This app would allow you to create numerous programs that come with their unique commission structure. You can tackle the commission manually or perhaps otherwise. Furthermore, you can monitor the performance of your affiliates or through products. That is not all, as you can also set a different rate for all the products. This Shopify affiliate app makes it easy to recruit affiliates, which might often include influencers, professionals, and even customers. When an affiliate gain entrance into the program, they have access to some branding resources, which helps them to make a more effective campaign.

3. Pro Affiliate Marketing

Many consider this affiliate marketing app as one of the best, due to the numerous features it carries. It provides prospective partners with a portal for registration, including provisions of further details like future payments and so on. The main goal of the app is to turn your customers to affiliates, which is a reliable way to market your products and service. Sharing on social media platforms is also easy, as its sharing feature is topnotch and easy. You can compensate high-performing affiliates with mouthwatering rewards, all thanks to the robust monitoring system.

4. Affilo

With Affilo, there is no limit. It comes with virtually all the features needed for the smooth running of an affiliate program. The problem is whether you will be able to leverage all the elements since they are quite numerous. It allows for unlimited affiliates, traffic, clicks, banners, orders, and so much more. When compared to other similar apps, it’s evident other apps offer some limitations. But with Affilo, such doesn’t exist. The app allows you to change the commission of any affiliate anytime without issues quickly. When it is time for payment, the app can automatically send them to members through their PayPal account.

5. LeadDyno

If you’re looking for an app that is easy to integrate into your store, then LeadDyno should be your target. It offers multiple payment channels, having all the features you need depending on your subscription package. Aside from the cost, it provides a 30 days trial, which is enough to determine if the app is worth using or not. The interface is simple to understand and offers lots of insight on performance and traffic. You will be able to track in real-time the commissions, and a mobile app that allows you to be in control, even when you’re not with your computer.

6. Affiliatly

You might want to consider this incredible affiliate app if you’re looking for a cheaper version of LeadDyno. Its monthly subscription is $16, with a 30 days trial that allows you to make a decision. This app is sophisticated and able to track all desktop and mobile orders without hassles. It gives affiliates the freedom to quickly sell products using any medium, either coupon codes, email, SKU, or QR codes. Irrespective of your subscription plan, you have a separate admin and affiliate panel, with an auto-update feature of fulfilled orders and so much more.

7. ShoutOut

With ShoutOut, you have a 14 days trial, which is enough to discover if the app is perfect or not. A lot of influencers and big brands are using this app since it comes with lots of fantastic features that make it great for affiliate marketing. You can create affiliate marketing programs, allowing your downlines to merchandise and make money in the process. In the same way, your uplines will also earn some commission. It offers unlimited affiliates and the ability to create coupons, generate codes, and more for marketing purposes. Also, there is a video course that guides you on how the app works.

8. ReferralCandy

The pricing is $49/month, with a 30 days free trial that makes it worth trying. It has a dedicated referral management app, thereby helping businesses and online store owners to track referrals and sales. The emails are customizable, with the ability to create coupons, offer cash, and numerous other unique gifts to your affiliates. If you’re a newbie, you don’t need to worry as the interface is straightforward to navigate and understand. If you’re looking for a reliable Shopify affiliate marketing app, you might give this a try.

9. Refersion

Although this app is pretty expensive for $89/month, it comes with incredible features that make it worth the price value. It comes with a 14 days trial, which you can use to determine if it is worth it. You can customize virtually everything to reflect your brand, ranging from emails to registration pages.

10. Omnistar

This app is easy to install and offers a 14 days trial. Unlike some apps, this is pretty affordable le – $47/month. The overall interface of this app is friendly, with a simple dashboard that allows you to manage your affiliate and referral marketing program. It also comes with some marketing tools, like a social media sharing widget, email templates, and banners.

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