10 Ways To Promote Your Blog

By tariehk
10 Ways To Promote Your Blog

With the use of blogging sites, creating a blog today only takes a few minutes, and that’s where the hard work begins. After successfully launching your blog, your next expectation will be getting tons of traffic from Google, right? Well, getting traffic to your blog is not easy, but you can pull it off with the right practice and time.

Before you start worrying about traffic, please take note that it all lies in your blog post. Not only should your content be well written, but they also need to be engaging and well optimized for search engines.

That way, every other strategy which you implore will work effectively without issues. But when you fail to create content that resonates with your ideal audience and search engine, you find yourself struggling irrespective of how effective your promotional strategies are.

In this post, you will learn ten core ways you can utilize to promote your blog.

1. Guest Post

Many online marketers, bloggers, and business owners believe that guest posting is dead. Well, that is true, depending on how you play your game. If you’re guest posting to amass backlinks, then you’re going at it the wrong way.

Guest posting is not dead, but you have to choose the right platform and publish the right content to see the result. Aside from backlinks, your aim when guest posting should be to expose your blog to a new audience, and that can only happen when you guest post for an authority site in your niche.

You can quickly determine the right blog by checking their domain authority. If they have a huge reader base, that is also a good sign.

2. Social Media

Social media is where the party is, and you can reach a massive chunk of your target audience on these social platforms. However, you might need to spend a few bucks, since these social media platforms can limit your page reach by over 90%.

But when you run sponsored ads, your content can reach a broader audience that is most likely to take action. Through social media, you can reach people who are mostly interested in your niche. 

For instance, Facebook ads allow you to target people based on demographics, interests, or behavior. When your ad is well optimized to reach your ideal audience, you’re sure of getting a crazy result.

3. Email Marketing

The moment your blog goes live, the first thing you need to do is integrate an email newsletter. That way, you start early to build your list. Email marketing is an effective way to promote your blog since they are interested in your niche or offers.

There are lots of email plugins or tools that you can use. However, some of these tools are paid, while some are free for some number of subscribers. Whatever be the case, ensure that you set up a widget that collects and even engages your audience.

If you want to continually alert your subscribers about a new post or perhaps, important event, using a reliable email automation plugin becomes necessary.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Before you set out to blog, the first skill which you must master is SEO. What does that even mean? Have you ever wondered how Google determines which page comes first, second, and third on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)?

Google considers some factors before ranking a page, and these factors are something you need to master and incorporate on your blog posts. There are more than 200 ranking factors, and you should plan to be conversant with these factors.

When you master these factors, it helps you to optimize your blog post for the best result on a search engine. Another aspect of SEO you shouldn’t joke with is off-page SEO, which has to do with things outside of your blog that influences your ranking. It mostly includes backlinks.

5. Answer Questions On Quora

No doubt, you’ve heard of Quora and how gigantic the platform is. But what you don’t know is that you can promote your blog through this platform. Quora caters to virtually all niches referred to as boards.

All you have to do is identify and follow these boards that align with your niche and become an active participant. When you give out helpful answers, people are most likely to check you out. Some solutions might even require you to link to some blog posts. Do you know what that means? – Traffic!

6. Evergreen And Resourceful Content

In the intro, you were given a hint about the incredible nature of quality content. The fact is, your content determines if you’ll succeed or not. No matter how impressively you promote your content, no one will like to spend a second there if it is trash.

To create a fantastic post that gets engagement, sales, and even awareness, you need to take your time and craft something valuable. If possible, content that your competitors have never done. According to a study, a blog post of about 1890 words tends to perform better on search engines than a blog post of lower word count.

7. Share Buttons

What if you allow your readers to share your post? That will be incredibly cool, right? Well, that is possible with share buttons. If you’re using WordPress, many plugins allow you to integrate a sharing mechanism in your post. That way, you encourage your readers to promote your post on social media.

8. Add Blog Posts To Bookmarking Sites

Another attractive way to promote your blog is by adding your blog post to bookmarking sites, as it can help you drive traffic to your blog.  However, you need to make sure that you’re submitting your blog post to high quality bookmarking sites. If you post on low quality bookmarking sites, you might end up harming your blog in the long run.

9. Update Your Blog Regularly

Another excellent way you can promote your blog is by updating regularly. You can’t post once every two weeks and expect traction. Unless perhaps you’re publishing an excellent pillar post that takes weeks to write.

Monitor your competitors and see how often they post. That will guide you to work on your editorial calendar. Three times a week, or perhaps once a week, is ideal. When you’re consistent, you’ll start getting some juice from search engines.

10. Consistency

If you want to establish a successful blog, you must be consistent in whatever you’re doing. Promoting your blog isn’t a one time adventure, as you’ll need to keep playing to pull in the result. Perhaps when you’ve stood as an authority in your niche, you might not need to work as hard as before.


Running a blog isn’t easy, since getting traffic amidst the competition can be tiring. If your blog is pretty new, it will take some months before your post can start performing well. In that case, you’ll need to be patient and consistent in whatever you do. When you focus on quality instead of quantity, you will see results.

By tariehk

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